RUBS vs. Submetering

Published on September 21, 2010 by in Submetering Blog


Radio Utility Billing Services (RUBS) are a utility allocation option for property owners that might be wary of the investment necessary for submeter installation or own a property with a mechanical configuration that makes submetering impossible.    

While submetering involves installing individual meters in each of your property’s units, RUBS work by utilizing formulas to allocate usage. The formulas are based on factors such as square footage and number of occupants in each unit. The meter usage will then be divided among residents according to these established formulas.

Since RUBS do not require actual submeters to be installed, avoiding an initial monetary impact, this method of utility allocation does not allow for specific unit maintenance troubleshooting. Additionally, it’s possible that your residents might prefer living in a submetered unit that would enable them to be in control of their own utility usage, rather than be billed based on RUBS formula estimates.

The utility allocation method utilized for your property should be tailored to your specific needs. WaterWatch Corporation is eager to help you determine the best solution for your organization. Interested in learning more? Contact us today toll-free at 800-256-9826.

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