Once you’ve made the decision to submeter your property, it’s important that the transition to a submetered lifestyle is hassle-free for everyone involved. Aside from marketing your efforts to your residents through educational materials and email campaigns, strong customer support and convenient bill pay options ensure that residents remain satisfied with their submetered unit throughout the entire leasing period.

Providing a live support system to answer resident submeteringquestions and concerns is one of the most effective ways to make sure that they remain satisfied with their services.  It could reflect poorly on your property as a whole if residents are constantly forced to listen to voice recordings or leave unreturned messages when handling their utility bill concerns. Without the option to speak to a live human being, frustrated residents are likely to forget the benefits of utility submetering and associate it only with a burdensome cost.

WaterWatch recognizes the importance of live support staff. Our live help staff is available from 8:30 am- 5:00pm Monday through Friday to answer resident questions and concerns.

We additionally encourage property managers to contact WaterWatch with any questions commonly asked by their residents. Many residents will find it more convenient if their property manager can answer their submetering question in one simple phone call, rather than being directed to another phone number.

Aside from providing residents with helpful live customer support, online bill pay options are excellent resources to keep residents updated on their billing information. By offering residents a multitude of convenient payment option, their transition to living in a submetered unit will undoubtedly be much more pleasurable.

Feel free to learn more about the extensive payment options WaterWatch Corporation provides residents, and be sure to visit our MyWaterWatchBill website, where residents can access and pay their bills online.

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