Submetering your property promotes conservation while increasing your property value. Interested in attracting residents to your newly submetered property? Utilize marketing techniques to explain the benefits of living in a submetered unit. 

In a study conducted by National Association of Residential Property Managers and GreenPropertyManagement.com, property managers responded that 45.5% of their residents are currently expressing at least some interest in renting greener properties. Although this number is less than 50%, the percentage of green minded renters has grown substantially in the past few years alone and shows no sign of stopping.

What percentage of your residents have shown interest in renting “greener properties”?

Property Manager Response Chart: What percentage of residents have shown interest in renting greener properties? Retrieved from Greenpropertymanagement.com

It’s likely that a portion of the 54.5% of residents who have not yet shown interest in renting green believe that an environmentally friendly lifestyle is a more expensive lifestyle. To combat this stereotype, marketing tactics including educational brochures, email newsletters, along with informative question and answer sessions are excellent tools to inform residents about the financial benefits of energy conservation through utility submetering. After learning that the amount residents spend in utilities is in their own hands, apprehension to rent from a submetered property may be lessened. 

When marketing your property to the 45.5% of tenants already interested in green rentals, be sure to outline all environmentally friendly measures taken by your organization in any distributed promotional materials. Greenpropertymanagement.com explains that installing low-flow showerheads, utilizing zeroVOC paints, and switching to fluorescent bulbs are a few proven methods of attracting green residents. Describe your environmentally conscious efforts in a single brochure that directs residents to online message boards, social media outlets, or their own informative website, if available, to avoid using large amounts of paper.

Online and paperless billing options should also be advertised to residents, as these billing methods are both environmentally friendly and convenient.  WaterWatch Corporation offers residents the option to pay their bills online, along with an entire resident website complete with FAQs and conservation tips.

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