CNBC recently aired the television special Liquid Assets: The Big Business of Water, which discussed how individuals are capitalizing on their water supplies internationally. The network has also created an interesting website that features program highlights.

One portion of the website that we find particularly interesting is the Tracking Your Water Footprint slide show. Each slide provides a breakdown on the surprising amount of water necessary to produce common foods and drinks, including orange juice, tea, beer, pork chops, and more.  

The slide show informs us that one glass of orange juice requires nearly 45 gallons of water to produce, while a hamburger requires 634 gallons just to produce the beef. Since it’s hard to visualize this amount of water, consider the fact that an average hot tub holds between 450 and 500 gallons.

In each of our submetering partnerships, WaterWatch aims to educate property owners and residents about the environmental and financial benefits of water conservation. We recognize that an awareness of our water usage stretches far beyond the submetering industry and recommend the Tracking Your Water Footprint slide show to anyone looking to determine and potentially reduce their water consumption.

If you’re interested in viewing this informative CNBC program, tune in on Oct. 24th at 8pm ET or visit the new Liquid Assets website.

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