In recent years, a wide range of policy initiatives have been put into place to enforce energy conservation and efficiency. Submetering has been integrated into many of these policies as both a money saving incentive and a mandatory practice for certain buildings in the future.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) is one of the major policy initiatives containing several sections pertaining specifically to metering.  EPACT states that all federal buildings must implement submetering, or some form of metering, by the year 2012. As the number of federal buildings spans well past 500,000, this act provides some insight into just how widely accepted submetering has become across the nation.

In addition to the mandates for federal buildings, the Energy Policy Act also offers tax deductions for design and construction of energy efficient commercial buildings. Submetering is included as a way for property owners to receive these benefits while conserving energy.

While these incentives are certainly a positive outcome of recent energy policies, the submetering process itself can help property owners to save money while increasing return on investment.  Contact WaterWatch Corporation today for more information.

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