Energy usage benchmarking requirements have begun to appear in major cities across the nation, including New York, Seattle, and Austin. The energy consumption information recorded by multi-family and commercial properties in these cities will be provided to consumers and could serve as a factor for them to consider when making rental decisions.

In 2008, Washington, D.C. became the first city to pass an energy benchmarking law, set to be in full effect by the year 2013. Since the D.C. law was passed, energy benchmarking requirements have become more comprehensive, with the New York City laws additionally requiring the benchmarking of water. As our society continues to become more environmentally conscious, mandatory benchmarking will likely spread to even more major cities across the country.

Regardless of whether energy usage benchmarking is currently a requirement in your city, information on energy usage is useful to provide to residents and also helps to uncover potential savings your organization can receive. Our partners at Utility Bill Manager offer a wide range of energy management solutions, including energy procurement, energy star compliance, and vacant unit cost recovery for your organization to consider.

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