A press release from the United States Department of Energy states that a research team led by Pennsylvania State University will receive up to $122 million in federal funding over the next five years to establish an “Energy Innovation Hub”.

The hub will focus on researching, developing, and implementing technologies to make buildings more energy efficient, with the ultimate goal of helping the United States to become a leader in the industry. The team will be comprised of academic researchers, two U.S. National Laboratories, and the private sector. Members of the Energy Innovation Hub hope to research and develop technologies that will help to reduce energy bills, cut carbon pollution, and are applicable to both retrofit and new construction

The focus on becoming a leader in energy efficiency will undoubtedly create greater awareness for the utility submetering industry in the United States. Submetering your property increases property value and promotes conservation among residents.

Is your organization interested in becoming a part of our nation’s movement towards energy efficiency? Contact WaterWatch Corporation today to schedule free property audit, and allow us to tailor a submetering system to best fit your organization’s needs.

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