New York City has chosen to further its green initiatives by creating an Urban Technology Innovation Center to be funded by the New York City Economic Development Corporation and various NYC universities. The goal of the center is to retrofit older buildings in the city with green technologies that will improve their energy efficiency.

This center is unique in that it gives industry innovators a chance to test their green technologies on buildings and collect performance data that will help them to improve. In turn, the participating building owners will receive these green technologies at extremely low costs. The database created through these green technology trials will eventually be made available to property owners who are looking to implement environmentally friendly technologies in their buildings.

Aside from green technology testing and database development, NYC officials hope that the Innovation Center will increase communication about green technologies as a whole. The New York City Economic Development Corporation explains that an increase in communication will likely attract more green technology entrepreneurs to the city. Additionally, increased awareness may prompt more organizations to aid in financing the Urban Technology Innovation Center in the future.

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