High water bills are impacting many cities across the nation, sparking unrest among residents and property owners. While some recent bill increases are due to water rate hikes, other dramatic increases are speculated to have been caused by malfunctioning meters.

In San Diego, water rates have increased 67% since 2007, resulting in higher water bills for aggravated city dwellers. Many city residents have joined together in San Diego’s Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN) and participated in protests against the rate increases. While they were defeated in their most recent protest against a March 1st increase, UCAN plans to work harder than ever to oppose the water rate hikes in coming years.

San Diego is not the only city being affected by rate increases. In New York City, water rates are up nearly 13% and in Milwaukee they are expected to rise 27%. Cleveland, OH, Austin, TX, and Phoenix, AZ are just a few more cities where recent water rate hikes have sparked publicized protests. If your organization is worried about the financial burden of rate increases, consider contacting WaterWatch Corporation to learn about our submetering solutions.

Some Atlanta residents have seen their water bills increase by thousands of dollars for a reason other than water rate hikes. A CNN.com report explains that after testing properties for major leaks, it was determined that many of the recent bill increases were actually caused by malfunctioning meters that were not installed or programmed correctly. Large commercial properties in the area are complaining that their water bills have increased by a staggering $300,000.00 over their bills from the same time frame in the previous year. For more information on Atlanta’s water bill situation visit CNN.com.

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