Many firms involved in real estate development claim they offer green services, but have they truly taken steps to better the environment? The Sustainable Performance Institute is in the process of creating a certification program that will determine exactly how much energy these firms are saving in an effort to decrease the amount of greenwashing in the industry.

The Sustainable Performance Institute (SPI) certification program will target design and construction firms, engineers, and various other companies involved in real estate development. The criteria for this certification was developed with assistance from the US Green Building Council and the American Institute of Architects. The certification includes 64 required credits that fall under categories ranging from Partnering and Collaboration to Infrastructure and Support Systems. 

Multi-Housing News explains that the SPI certification is different from others existing today in that it focuses specifically on firms’ services, rather than individual buildings or projects. Although the certification has only been active for a few months, a wide range of firms have already expressed interest in becoming certified.

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