WaterWatch Corporation implemented a Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) for a newly constructed apartment community located outside of Minneapolis, M.N. WaterWatch will generate the water, sewer and gas bills for the 250-unit apartment community.

“RUBS is a utility allocation option for property owners who own a property with a mechanical configuration that makes submetering impossible,” John Paul, vice president of operations for WaterWatch Corporation, said. “Research shows the when residents are billed for utility expenses, they are more inclined to conserve energy and quicker to report any maintenance issues that arise.”

For 15 years, WaterWatch has successfully worked with hundreds of property owners to control and reduce utility expenses through utility submetering. WaterWatch offers an array of services including installation, meter reading, resident invoicing and payment collections. For more information about how a partnership with WaterWatch can benefit your organization, visit www.waterwatchcorp.com or call 800-256-9826.

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