Off-campus apartment complexes have become popular living options for college students that are looking to gain independence, while still enjoying some of the amenities that college dorms have to offer. In recent years, many successful complexes have begun implementing sustainable practices as a way to attract new student tenants.

 Sustainable off-campus communities often include Energy Star rated appliances, community gardens, and are located close to campus or public transportation to cut down on the need for driving. Some student apartment complexes submeter their utilities, giving students the chance to become directly responsible for their energy usage.  By additionally offering common area lounges, wireless internet access, and an accommodating staff, students can enjoy some of the perks that would be provided in campus housing, while still living in a sustainable building.

Aside from the increase in demand from the student population, energy efficient properties allow property owners to cut down on operational costs and increase property value. Complexes near the University of Michigan, Portland State University, and University of California in Los Angeles have been extremely successful in implementing these green practices. As they become more aware and involved with environmental issues, the number of students choosing housing options in line with their green intentions will only continue to increase in the future.

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