While temperatures will continue to drop in the coming months, there’s no question that heating costs will remain steadily on the rise. Is your multifamily or commercial property plagued by high heating bills during fall and winter months? Find out how your organization can save thousands on utility costs this season.

Submetering has become an increasingly popular practice among multifamily and commercial properties in recent years. New Jersey recently became 50th state to allow submetering in newly constructed buildings. Many cities have even begun to require submetering, with Georgia becoming the first state to mandate submetering by law in 2010. By utilizing submetering to place utility costs in resident’s hands, property owners are no longer responsible for paying high heating bills year after year. 

Residents with submetered apartments are more inclined to conserve energy and are often quicker to report any maintenance issues that arise. In fact, Sustainablefacility.com states that submetering has been found to lower gas consumption by as much as 35 percent.

If your property’s unit mechanical configurations make submetering impossible, consider implementing a RUBS (Radio Utility Billing System) formula. This system allocates usage to residents based on formulas derived from square footage and number of occupants, once again taking responsibility for rising heating costs out of the hands of property owners.

For more information on how submetering or RUBS services can help your organization to save money this heating season, contact WaterWatch toll-free at 1-800-256-9826.

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