Residents living in submetered units are responsible for paying for their own utility usage, which helps to greatly decrease costs for multifamily and commercial property owners. Unfortunately,  residents who are not aware of conservation techniques may start receiving utility bills that are more expensive than what they’re used to. This can cause residents to become less satisfied with their rental experience and possibly even have a negative influence on their decision to renew a unit.

This comprehensive video by Howcast outlines easy steps that residents can take to reduce their electric usage and lower  utility bills. More tips on electric conservation can be found on the WaterWatch Corporation website www.mywaterwatchbill.com. Consider sharing this HowCast video, or one like it, with residents upon move in so that there will be no confusion when they receive their first utility bill.

 Be sure to check back for weekly as we continue to offer educational resources for conserving water and gas on the WaterWatch blog!

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