What’s Your Walk Score?

Published on October 13, 2011 by in Submetering Blog



Convenience is often a key factor that  residents consider when looking to rent an apartment. Easy access to shopping, grocery stores, gyms, and other amenities can easily make one apartment complex much more appealing than another. Multifamily News recently interviewed Josh Herst, CEO of Walk Score, to determine just how important walkability is in the rental decision making process.

According to Herst, two thirds of renters rate being within walking distance of nearby amenities as one of their top criteria. He suggests that apartment communities utilize the Walk Score website to determine their specific neighborhood’s walkability, and advertise the number to residents in marketing materials and online.

Advertising your walk score on websites and marketing materials is also an excellent way to attract residents looking to live a greener lifestyle with less reliance on their vehicle.  Walk Score even offers a brand new “apartment search” service, which lists apartments based on a resident’s ideal commute time and preferred use of transportation. Are you aware of how your property’s walk score compares to others in the area?

To read the full interview with Josh Herst, visit Multifamily News online. To determine your property’s walk score, visit WalkScore.com.

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