Earth Day: April 22, 2012

Published on April 19, 2012 by in Submetering Blog


Earth Day 2012 is just around the corner! This April is the perfect time for your multifamily or commercial property to make a commitment towards a sustainable future. Interested in learning more about how to integrate energy efficiency into your property? Here are a few ideas:

Consider submetering your property this year. Utility submetering is an energy efficient property upgrade that places the responsibility for utilities in resident’s hands, lowering operating costs for multifamily and commercial property owners. Properties that submeter water, gas, electric  have been proven to conserve large amounts of energy, and can even use submetering as a qualifier for  LEED certification. Find out more about why 2012 is a great year to submeter and contact us for a free property audit to get started!

Educate your residents on conservation. It’s important that residents know how to utilize a property’s energy efficient appliances and upgrades to their greatest advantage. For example, a resident that has never lived in a submetered unit before might not understand how a specific water-wasting activity, such as long showers or leaky toilets, can affect their utility bill. Holding an Earth Day information session or sending out a community-wide newsletter on conservation techniques for the Spring and Summer is an excellent way to get residents involved.

Explore tax incentives and rebates available. Making energy efficient upgrades to your property may require an initial investment, but will save your organization money for years to come. Thankfully there are a wide range of  energy efficient rebates and tax incentives available that can lessen the impact of an initial green investment. Find out more about the incentives available for your property here.

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