While utility submetering is proven as an excellent way to conserve energy and decrease operating costs, many property managers and owners are still hesitant to enter the industry. Learn how your choice in utility submetering provider can make or break the submetering experience.

Poor customer service can have a huge impact on the submetering process. Residents that have never lived in a submetered unit may not understand the importance of energy conservation and will certainly express concern if their utility bills are higher than expected. Submetering companies without strong customer service values leave these residents in the dark, which could ultimately decrease resident retention for your property.  Consider whether your submetering provider offers in-house customer service and the chance to speak with a live representative for support, instead of a recording.

In addition to offering superior customer service, submetering companies should also be up to date on the latest industry news. Connected submetering companies can educate your organization on energy rebates available for submeter installation, tax incentives, or state submetering mandates. Submetering companies should be connected to this industry through social media websites and regularly contribute to energy management publications.

Convenience is another factor to consider when choosing the right submetering provider. WaterWatch Corporation incorporates convenience into our submetering services by offering a wide range of resident payment options, installation services tailored to your property’s specific construction, and real-time management reports. Your organization deserves a submetering partnership that’s hassle-free and designed with your specific property in mind.

Are you currently partnered with an inadequate submetering provider? Consider transferring your services to WaterWatch Corporation. Take advantage of our transition program and switch providers effortlessly.

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