As pedestrian oriented websites such as Walkscore.com become more popular, the number of multifamily residents seeking apartments in walkable locations also proves to be on the rise. Mixed-use developments offer residents the pedestrian-friendly lifestyle they desire in smaller cities and suburban areas.

Mixed-use multifamily and commercial developments have proven to be extremely successful in communities located on the outskirts of major cities. City dwellers are often looking to move to locations that offer more space and affordable rent, but still want to enjoy the all the conveniences of inner city living. Adding specific themes to mixed-use developments is one way to remind residents of the distinctly themed neighborhoods often found in large cities.

For example, the Valley Arts District of Orange, New Jersey is one extremely successful mixed-use community that includes artist studio space, performance venues, and unique eateries all located walking distance from transit and just a short train ride from New York City. Similarly, a proposed wellness themed mixed-used community in New Brunswick, NJ will be located near a hospital, gym, sport shops, health food stores, and walking distance to public transportation.

Themed mixed-use communities are mutually beneficial for both multifamily and commercial properties. Just as many renters find multifamily properties located near amenities to be enticing, commercial tenants may be more eager to rent a space when their target audience is living virtually walking distance from their place of business. Having the option to walk to public transit, shopping, and entertainment venues is not only attractive to residents seeking convenience, but also for those interested in living a sustainable, car-less lifestyle.

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