Did you know that the top five most important factors people consider when making a rental decision are:

  1. Ability to pay rent online
  2. Perception of quality customer service
  3. Security and access control features
  4. Ability to easily communicate with community staff
  5. Ability to submit service requests online

An online portal is a great way to provide these services to your residents. Not only that, but resident portals can also increase the sense of community among renters in multi-family properties. Despite their popularity, certain types of resident portals still prove to be more successful than others.

In the multi-family setting, resident portals should serve as a destination for residents to pay rent, enter service requests, view lease documents and check out community activities. Resident portals can also include links to a property’s social media sites to further community discussions.

They can also serve as a convenient resource for residents living in submetered units to pay their utility bills online. Resident portals for utility submetering companies should focus on both education and convenience. Utility submetering could be a foreign concept for residents that have never lived in a submetered unit or previously paid for their own utility usage. To ensure that residents are educated, WaterWatch Corporation includes frequently asked questions, conservation tips and payment information on our resident website, in addition to online bill pay..

According to ActiveBuilding.com the “extras” are what set resident portals apart from one another. While access to online bill pay is certainly a useful service, it shouldn’t be the only thing available for residents on their portal. It’s important that residents are aware of all of the customer support they have at their fingertips. Support could be as simple as a “frequently asked questions” page on a utility submetering resident website or a community activities page on a multi-family portal. The extra steps towards customer satisfaction are what help to create a respected and successful resident portal.

Be sure to check out WaterWatch’s winter newsletter to learn what factors renewing residents find most  important.

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