Every year, meter manufacturers develop new and advanced technologies that make it easier for operators to gather meter data. While newer remote wireless networks may offer quicker access, these advanced networks are not always the best solution for gathering data from meters. 

WaterWatch Corporation handles the water billing for many large commercial properties across the nation. With each of these commercial properties, our experienced staff found that collecting data from submeter reads manually was the best solution. Manual reads allow commercial property owners to reduce expenses by using their existing submeters, instead of upgrading to a wireless network system.

Interested in learning if manual submeter reads could benefit your commercial property? WaterWatch Corporation can schedule a meter reader to read your property’s standing submeters via manual or touch read in any location throughout the nation. Call us at 800-256-9826 today to see how our national network of meter readers can better serve you and your property.

Todd C. Quarterman founded WaterWatch Corporation in 1997 and currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mr. Quarterman has grown the company from a start-up to a national leader in the utility submeter and billing industry.


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