Why do investors purchase multifamily and commercial real estate properties? Many would say to produce a favorable return on their capital investment. Calculating ROI can be simple or complex depending on a variety of factors. Installing a water submetering system is one way to reduce utility expenses, while increasing your ROI. Why is now the perfect time for investors to put into operation a water submetering and billing service?

The United Nations predicts that global population will explode from 7 billion to 10 billion by 2050, while over 1 billion individuals lack access to clean drinking water. Climate patterns and industrial pollution are changing the natural water patterns and making water a scarce commodity. What will happen in the next 40 years when another 3 billion people need water to drink, shower, or to cook? Water is the hot new commodity of the 21st century.

Submetering your property and holding residents accountable for their share of water usage is one way to take advantage of this new market. You can expect water consumption to decrease 20-30% when implementing a WaterWatch Corporation water submetering system. You’ll no longer need to predict the next municipality rate increase or the next month’s high water usage. A water submetering and billing service program by WaterWatch Corporation makes good business and conservation sense.

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Todd C. Quarterman founded the WaterWatch Corporation in 1997 and currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mr. Quarterman has grown the company from a start-up to a national leader in the utility sub-meter and billing industry.


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