Submetering is no longer a foreign term in the multifamily and commercial property industries. In fact, this energy saving practice has become required in certain cities and states. Water submetering is currently a requirement in areas of Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, California and Texas. Submetering mandates are expected to spread to additional states in the coming years.

In July 2012, Georgia’s Water Stewardship Act went into effect, making Georgia the first state to pass a law requiring all multifamily and commercial to be submetered. In 2010, the city of San Diego also passed an ordinance requiring submeters in all new multifamily developments, as well as in existing multifamily properties where interior plumbing is being replaced.

Most recently, California updated their CalGreen building code to reflect new submetering mandates. According to the code update, water submeters installed during renovations of nonresidential buildings will become required starting in January 2014.

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