WaterWatch Corporation offers a variety of connection options for obtaining wireless meter reads. The analog phone line has been the most common and straightforward way to communicate with data collection devices until recently, as Ethernet based collection and cellular communication begin to take over. As telecom companies begin to phase out standard analog phone lines and replace them with digital and fiber, these new options are steadily gaining popularity.

The use of analog telephone service, or POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), has been standard in read, bill and collect (RBC) companies’ communication with data collection devices. Data is transmitted back and forth between the two via copper lines. However, telephone companies have begun replacing the old copper lines with digital and/or fiber optics. Unfortunately for RBC companies, data between collection devices does not transmit well over digital and fiber.

As telecom lines are being replaced, data collection device manufacturers have had to change their communication link. Some bigger manufacturers took their time, attempting to roll out with an Ethernet solution that would take over for analog phone lines and be easier for the end user. Not only do owners and property managers avoid paying high prices for a phone line, many already have internet service in their clubhouses making Ethernet communication a nice solution.

Occasionally a property owner will decide to build an apartment complex or condo community without a clubhouse. In this situation, internet service does not exist. When no internet option is available, we look to a cellular solution. Cellular devices do not need to be installed where a telephone line or Ethernet port is available and can be mounted almost anywhere common power exists. The cellular modem does require a cellular plan, but plans are often less costly than the standard analog phone line and can be installed even if a standard internet service does not exist. Cellular connectivity is a viable option for any apartment/condo/commercial complex without internet access.

Ethernet service and cellular solutions are beginning to take over where the phone lines once dominated. Contact WaterWatch Corporation for more information on any of our great connection options for obtaining wireless meter reads.


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