You interviewed and screened your applicants.  Did you interview your utility submetering provider? Your utility submetering company should do more than reading meters and billing. When searching for a submetering provider, knowing which questions to ask can make all the difference. Use the suggestions below when evaluating submetering and billing companies.

How long is the process? (bill calculation, printing and delivery)

How many weeks or months behind does billing occur? Are tenants billed in real time?

When the property is billed, under what circumstances would the submetering and billing company contact property management?

How many options are available for tenants to pay invoices?

What type of customer service is available to tenants and property management?

Does property management receive a dedicated customer service representative to contact with questions?

Does the submetering company offer 24/7 web access to real time management reports?

What submetering installation, troubleshooting and repair services are available?

Does the submetering company offer meters and submetering equipment for sale?

Is the submetering equipment proprietary or is it publically available?

What is the normal lead-time for obtaining submetering equipment and having it installed?

When making the decision to recoup utility costs, the details regarding customer service and responsiveness can easily be overlooked. It’s these details that make the difference between successful submetering and billing roll-out and frustrated property management and tenants.

For more information on how utility submetering can benefit your multifamily or commercial property, contact WaterWatch Corporation by calling toll-free at 1-800-256-9826.

Andris Silins has a combined 20+ years experience in the utility submetering and multifamily residential real estate industries. He is currently the Operations & Technology Manager at WaterWatch Corporation.

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