It’s nearing budget season again, which means it’s time to start taking a close look at expenses and necessary budgetary adjustments. When managing utility expenses, WaterWatch Corporation recommends working with a third party company that can provide proper guidance on utility regulations and compliance. Working with utility industry experts is essential when attempting to lower expenditures and generate revenue.

Water Watch Corporation has experience analyzing both commodity and non-commodity utilities and can assist in creating programs and suggesting improvements to accomplish the financial goals of your communities. For example, since trash is not a regulated utility like water or sewer income, properties can charge back more than their monthly invoice.  Focusing on conservation and cost recovery guarantees less consumption among residents and greater savings for your property.

In addition to offering cost-saving strategies, WaterWatch Corporation can simplify billing procedures by including rents and other applicable fees on the same monthly billing statement. WaterWatch, along with our partners at Utility Bill Manager, can organize your utility data in all its diversity, understand its context, and manage its continual evolution.

Interested in decreasing utility costs this budget season? Contact WaterWatch today for a complimentary analysis and proposal at sales@waterwatchcorp.com or by calling toll-free at 800-256-9826.


Tasha Yielding is the National Sales Director for WaterWatch Corporation. She works daily to educate new and existing partners about services offered within the multifamily and CRE industry.

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