Utility management can benefit multifamily and commercial properties by increasing energy efficiency, lowering operating costs and improving ROI. The first step towards implementing a successful utility management system is to thoroughly evaluate a property to determine which utility products or services will best fit its unique needs. 

WaterWatch currently generates over 350,000 utility bills annually for multifamily, condominium, commercial, and manufactured housing properties. When determining the best utility management solution for a property, we conduct an in-depth analysis of property type, property size, local utility rates, and the property’s plumbing and mechanical configuration.

We also take a property’s location and any applicable regulations into consideration when suggesting potential utility and energy management services. For example, some states enforce regulations that prohibit certain commodities or utility costs from being passed through to a resident (i.e. trash, pest control, parking, HOA fees, rent, etc.). We ensure that the utility management solutions we suggest will comply with all state regulations.

Once our property evaluation is completed, we issue a proposal providing our utility and energy management recommendations. Our evaluation also helps us to determine if additional services, such as utility submetering, energy procurement, utility invoice validation and processing, or EnergyStar compliance could enhance the energy efficiency of your property.

Interested in learning how utility management can benefit your property? 

WaterWatch has experience implementing and managing utility management systems for thousands of property management companies, owners, and developers. We offer live data to property management and residents through our real time web-based application and all of our services are handled in-house. To learn more about any of our service offerings or to have your property evaluated, please call us toll free at 800-256-9826 , or email us at sales@waterwatchcorp.com.

Tasha Yielding is the National Sales Director for WaterWatch Corporation. She works daily to educate new and existing partners about services offered within the multifamily and CRE industry.

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