It’s been over three decades since water submetering entered the marketplace here in the United States, allowing owners of residential apartments, retail centers/commercial plazas, mixed use buildings, HOAs, and MHPs to reduce utility costs and energy consumption, while simultaneously increasing savings and property value.

Submetering systems installed today are much more sustainable and have a longer life span than submeters installed 30 years ago. In fact, the lifespan of newer submetering systems is upwards of 15-20 years!

How do I determine if my property’s current submetering system needs to be updated?

If your property has outdated submetering equipment that needs upgrading, or could profit from a retrofit, it is beneficial to have a third party submetering company conduct a thorough evaluation of the existing system and infrastructure. This can help determine if improvements are needed, the cost of any updates, and the ROI for your specific property.

The functionality of a submetering system ultimately affects the amount of cost recovery for property owners. Your chosen third party submetering company and a licensed plumber will be able to confirm that existing systems are working at full capacity and capturing all usage; regardless of whether the submetering system is set up for full capture, or for cold or hot water allocation. Whether you are interested in a meter change out or a new system, there are many variables such as structure, line sizes, material type, location, and property age that must be considered.

Choose WaterWatch for Your Submetering Project

Without proper planning, it can take weeks or even months to complete a submetering project and implementation can be unnecessarily time-consuming. WaterWatch has been involved with hundreds of submetering system upgrades and new retrofit projects for multifamily and commercial properties located across the United States. We offer the highest level of efficiency and ensure that all submeters are installed swiftly and correctly.

Are you interested in having a your property’s submetering system evaluated? Call us toll-free at 800-256-9826 to speak with an in-house representative!


Tasha Yielding is the National Sales Director for WaterWatch Corporation. She works daily to educate new and existing partners about services offered within the multifamily and CRE industry.

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