WaterWatch Corporation has recently signed on to provide the utility billing services for a 350 unit new construction multifamily property in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as a 300 unit retrofit project for a multifamily property in Dover, Delaware. WaterWatch will oversee the installation of the water submeters and wireless submetering systems for these properties, as well as manage ongoing utility billing services.

Educating Multifamily Residents on Water Conservation

Since water submetering places the responsibility for water costs in residents’ hands, we encourage each of the multifamily properties we work with to educate their residents on conservation strategies that can help to reduce utility bill costs. It’s also important to ensure that residents are aware of common maintenance issues, such as leaky toilets, that can lead to high water bills when left unattended.

We offer several water conservation and maintenance tips on mywaterwatchbill.com and encourage property owners and managers to share these with their community in email updates and resident portals!

National Utility Submetering Solutions

WaterWatch offers a wide range of utility submetering services including installation, meter reading, resident invoicing, and payment collection to properties across the nation. Interested in learning how a partnership with WaterWatch Corporation can benefit your organization? Call us today at 800-256- 9826 to speak with an in-house representative!

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