There are many different types of utility submetering meter reading systems available in the U.S., including direct register or manual read, walk-by or drive-by radio read, and wireless remote.

Property owners often assume that a wireless remote system is the best solution for their multifamily or commercial property. While this may be the case for many properties, a property’s mechanical layout ultimately determines which monitoring system is the best solution!

Older commercial properties may already have submeters installed that can quickly be brought back to life without much expense. In the majority of properties, an up-to-date remote reading system is not needed and a manual meter reader generally works fine. WaterWatch has a network of meter readers across the U.S. that are able to quickly read your submeters.

Wireless remote systems are the standard for large multifamily or condominium communities. These remote systems allow the billing company to quickly retrieve meter reads without disturbing the residents or on-site management. These systems are reliable and often installed in retrofit or new construction projects with 50 or more units.

In many manufactured homes, the submeter’s installation placement and partial exposure to the elements does not permit a wireless remote monitoring system. Manual or direct read is often the best answer. While this type of submetering system is long lasting and durable, it also requires a meter reader to collect data from the submeters.

Regardless of which system is a more suitable fit for your property, WaterWatch Corporation is able to propose, install, and implement an effective utility billing service to help you conserve energy while managing utility costs. For more information, feel free to call us today at 800-256-9826.

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