WaterWatch Corporation is pleased to share that we recently signed-on to provide utility billing services for two, 250+ unit, new construction multifamily properties located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

WaterWatch will oversee the installation of the water submeters and the wireless submetering system, as well as manage ongoing utility billing services for the property.

We are thrilled to increase our presence in the Indianapolis metro area and look forward to further educating multifamily properties in this region on the many benefits of utility submetering!

Summertime Conservation Tips

While it may have taken awhile to reach us this year, summer weather has finally arrived! We encourage all of the multifamily property owners and managers we work with to share these warm weather conservation tips with their residents. These tips can be especially useful for residents that have never lived in a submetered unit and aren’t accustomed to paying for their own utility usage.

Interested in learning more about our submetering solutions? Feel free to contact us at 800-256- 9826 to learn how a submetering partnership with WaterWatch Corporation can benefit your organization!

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