About Us

About WaterWatch CorporationInnovation. Reliability. Service. These core values form the foundation of WaterWatch Corporation.

Since 1997, WaterWatch has successfully allowed hundreds of property owners to control and reduce utility expenses through submetering. We offer an array of utility submetering services including installation, meter reading, resident invoicing, and payment collections.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  WaterWatch ensures that all energy requirements for your multifamily or commercial property are analyzed and you are provided with a submetering solution that best meets your organization’s needs. Our expansive network of meter readers and wireless technology allow us to service virtually any community throughout the nation.

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Our Mission

Our mission at WaterWatch is to consistently provide high quality submetering solutions to each and every one of our customers.  We work daily to promote energy conservation and environmental consciousness among residents while helping property owners to decrease operating costs. WaterWatch strives to offer the finest variety of utility submetering products and services in the industry. We are committed to our customers and hope to form long lasting partnerships with every client we serve.