Message from the President

In order to solve today’s energy and natural resource challenges, behavior changes and new technological approaches are required.  Since 1997, WaterWatch Corporation has lead the way in establishing industry standards for utility submetering.

Our mission at WaterWatch is to provide clients with unparalleled service throughout every step of the submetering process. If your organization is interested in exploring the benefits of submetering water, sewer, gas or electric, allow us to help find an innovative solution.  When you use less energy for the same or better economic results, you win, your residents win, and the planet wins.

WaterWatch offers an array of professional services, including utility billing, meter reading, payment collections, installation and maintenance services, vacant unit recovery and utility bill management.

Our focus on reliability, honesty and respect has earned WaterWatch a national presence. Whether it’s a wireless network system, water meters, hardwired gas meters, electric meters, RUBS, new construction or existing, we are confident that we can provide the best submetering solution for your organization or property.

Give us a call today and experience the WaterWatch difference.


Todd Quarterman

Todd C. Quarterman
President, WaterWatch Corporation