Meter Monitoring Equipment

WaterWatch utilizes only the most reliable meter monitoring equipment to service your organization’s new construction or existing property.  Our preferred software allows us to supervise a variety of utility submetering network systems including wireless, hardwired, or manual.

WaterWatch can also schedule a meter reader to read your property’s submeters via manual or remote touch read in any location throughout the nation.


Inovonics EchoStream®
EchoStream is the third-generation radio technology developed by Inovonics Wireless.   Over twenty years of experience applying frequency hopping, spread spectrum, and 900 MHz technology to network infrastructures has helped Inovonics to build superior radio technology. Each unit’s meter is integrated with a transmitter that sends a digitized meter read signal to a central receiver (DCC).  The receiver decodes the transmission and stores data until WaterWatch phones in for meter read retrieval.

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Inovonics TapWatch®
Based on 900 MHz frequency technology, fixed base radio read utilizes frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio communication. Each unit’s meter is connected to a transmitter which sends a digitized meter read signal to a central receiver. WaterWatch will then phone in for a meter read retrieval.

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Aclara Hexagram Fixed Network
A long range wireless signal allows for meter data to be collected without repeater modules. The data collector captures water, gas, or electric meter data several times daily. Hexagram systems are economically feasible in small to large submetering installations.

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Sensus Radio Read ®
A radio transmitter is wired to a single or grouping of meters. Each month, WaterWatch will send a meter reader to drive through the community and each individual unit’s radio transmitter will send a digitized meter read to a radio frequency portable computer

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Sensus Touch Read
An exterior touch pad is wired to a single meter or a grouping of meters. Each month WaterWatch will send a meter reader to walk through the complex and read the touch pads via electronic handheld touch gun

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Manual or Visual Read Systems

WaterWatch maintains a network of active meter readers throughout the nation. Monthly, a meter reader will walk through your property and manually/visually read each meter. Meter data is entered into a handheld gun and reads are uploaded to a secure server for processing.


Call 800-256-9826 to speak with a WaterWatch representative or click on Contact Us. Our representative will schedule a free on-site appointment if needed and discuss the best submetering solution for your property.