Billing and Collection Services

Billing & CollectionsHow WaterWatch Billing and Collection Services Work

WaterWatch Corporation offers innovative billing services to help your organization conserve energy and achieve optimum efficiency.  Our services are handled in-house and offer residents and managers live data through a real time, web-based application.

Every month, WaterWatch will read submeters using the meter reading methods and equipment that best fit your property’s needs. We then generate and mail your residents a first class bill or e-bill and collect payment.

Each bill will provide an itemized breakdown of utility charges with a tear-off identification stub to assure proper and rapid return of your money. Individual resident or property management messages can also be included on billing statements if desired.

Our Billing and Collection Services Include:

  • Water and Sewer
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Cable TV
  • Parking
  • Rent
  • Trash
  • Association Fees
  • Ratio Utility Billing Services (RUBS)
  • Vacant Unit Cost Recovery

Payment Options for Residents

Residents can mail a check, money order or cashier’s check to the WaterWatch billing center. We also accept payments via telephone, ACH payments, or online credit/debit card. Residents have the option to pay at the property if they desire, or at the WaterWatch billing office. Click here to see a sample billing statement…

Residents should feel free to contact WaterWatch with any questions! We can be reached toll-free at our service number 800-256-9826 or online at

Delinquent Account Procedures

WaterWatch handles delinquent account procedures to ensure that your property collects utility income quickly and effectively. Our collection rates are among the highest in the industry. Learn More…

Utility Allocation Methods

WaterWatch calculates each resident’s bill based on full consumption, meter ratio system, Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) formulas, or run-time allocation methods. Learn More…

Monthly Management Reports Via Web Access

Every billing cycle, WaterWatch provides free real time management reports available for viewing on our website. Learn More…

Integrating With Property Management Software (Convergent Billing)

WaterWatch can integrate with different property management software vendors to reduce your management’s workload. Learn More…


Call us toll-free at 800-256-9826 to speak with a WaterWatch representative or click on Contact Us. A representative will schedule a free on-site appointment if needed and discuss the best submetering system for your property.