Installation Services

Installation ServicesIt’s critical that your community’s utility submetering system is installed swiftly and correctly.  Since 1997, WaterWatch has placed hundreds of submetering systems into operation and continues to maintain each organization’s submeters and various network applications.  Our focus is multi-family, condominium, and commercial properties.

Your community’s building mechanical layout determines the approach we take to install a utility submetering system. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and our industry experience makes it easy for WaterWatch to tailor an innovative installation solution to fit your property’s specific needs.

Submeters can be installed by our trained installation team or property owners may choose to install submeters themselves. Visit the submetering equipment portion of our website to learn more about warranty information and the variety of manufacturers we utilize throughout the installation process.

New Construction

WaterWatch has been at the forefront of the submetering industry for over 14 years and handles utility submeter installations for new construction with efficiency and ease. We ensure that state compliance and statute are completed, necessary submetering technology is installed, and systems are inspected to best benefit your new property. Learn More…

Existing Construction

WaterWatch utilizes our strategic vision and proven industry products when installing submeters for an existing property. Our experienced team will make certain that management transition issues are completed, submetering technology is installed in agreed upon locations, and installed systems are inspected. Learn More…

Previously Submetered Properties

If you’re not pleased with your current utility billing provider’s service, WaterWatch specializes in transferring billing services from previously submetered communities. We offer free consultations and a free transition program that allow your property to switch billing providers effortlessly. Learn More…

Ratio Utility Billing Services (RUBS)

RUBS are an alternative approach to allocating utility expenses that are used when a property’s mechanical system cannot support submetering. Learn More…

Installation Cost

WaterWatch takes many variables into account when determining installation costs, including property mechanical configuration,  necessary technology, and utility to be submetered. Learn More…

What Locations Can WaterWatch Service?

Our wireless technology network allows us to service virtually any community throughout the nation.  If your property requires a visual meter reader to record monthly meter usage, we have a nationwide network of meter readers. Click here to view current territory locations.


Call 800-256-9826 to speak with a WaterWatch representative or click on Contact Us. If desired, a representative will schedule a free on-site appointment and discuss the best submetering system for your property.