Utility Submetering Solutions

WaterWatch provides water submetering, gas submetering, and electric submetering systems for new construction and existing communities. Our non-proprietary submetering systems allow us to read wireless or hardwired submeters across all types of configurations and layouts.

Submetering Benefits:

  • Promote Energy Conservation
  • Control Utility Expenses
  • Reduce Maintenance Utility Concerns
  • Increase Property Values

Upon billing, the local energy provider’s rates will be calculated for that individual unit’s usage and a full page billing invoice will be mailed to your residents.

Why Choose WaterWatch?

  • We can bill for services such as: Water, Sewer, Electric, Gas, Cable, Trash, Internet, Rent, Association Fees, Parking etc.
  • Customer service for both property owners and residents is approached with respect, reliability, and honesty
  • Free on-site property evaluations, property management training, and utility rate verification
  • Our ability to read meters via wireless remote hardwired systems or manual read systems
  • Short term contracts available with sixty day cancellation notice
  • Real time management reports available online for individual password protected access
  • Resident online account access and payment options available at www.mywaterwatchbill.com
  • Nationwide installation crews
  • Financing plans are available
  • Property management software integration available for certain applications


Contact WaterWatch at our toll-free support number 800-256-9826.